The Sea of Debris (2010)

Like a flash illuminating

Like a wall of granite breaking

Faces staring from the crowd

I can’t even make a sound

You are glancing at me now

My insides aching dissipating


I spent countless hours waiting

Years so devastating

I’ve built up walls to break them down

Just to ensure you save me now

But still you run – that’s fine with me

‘cause I will hunt you desperately


Have you never realized

You built me up

from tons of debris?

Have you actually imagined

You were fine by yourself and without me?


As rain befalls

Teardrops so small

We give us shelter

Now and forever

And I appreciate these years

And hope for all those yet to come

When this light arises from the sea

Burning there eternally


The sea is glowing as these lights go out

The sea is glowing as these lights go out



© Julian Jungermann, 03. Oktober 2010

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